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Flashcard Combi Set, My World

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30 flashcards with brass ring to stylishly bundle the cards. The theme is "My World" with 10 x Clothing, 10 x Toys and 10 x Evening Ritual cards. Help your child with a visual calendar for everyday routines.\n\nAvailable in multiple themes and sets.\n\nFlashcards are educational cards with endless applications. Children love to admire and discuss the cards with you. This method is designed as a Grab & Go solution so that no matter how much (or little) time you have, you can connect and have fun with your sweetheart while helping her develop!\n\nPlay-guide:\nChoose 1 of the 3 categories to start with. \nTalk to your little one about what you see on the cards.\nLet your child look carefully at the cards. Spread the cards around the room, make sure you can still see them all. Send your child towards a card and give lots of hints. Alternate the cards during the month or add cards. You will notice that your child is developing!