bearly story
bamse ballon

Bearly, a small business founded by me, Emma, was born from my love for children's clothing. Working at the age of 13 in a children's shop run by a single woman sparked my passion. Despite pursuing a different educational field, my travel adventures to kids' stores worldwide led to collecting business cards as treasured keepsakes. The birth of my daughter, Ella, ignited a search for high-quality children's products, inspiring me to curate unique pieces for her.

Years later, as a stay-at-home mom to Ella and my son August, my entrepreneurial desires grew. As I let my imagination wander, the idea of Bearly, a sweet little bear, took shape in my mind.

I aspired to establish a web shop featuring a meticulously curated, sustainable collection, an all-in-one destination offering products sourced from brands deeply committed to prioritizing people, planet, and children's comfort. The collaborations with dedicated brand owners made it possible to make the dream of Bearly a reality.

I hope you will enjoy visiting this small shop and help me inspire our kids to care about their belongings, how they are made and to pass them on with love